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Year of Gifts Kit - Chrysanthemum Bottle Cover

Year of Gifts Kit - Chrysanthemum Bottle Cover

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Let's face it, it's 2020. It's cold outside. The wolves are after you. All you need to do is cozy up with a hot water bottle, some knitting, and a cup of tea and wait for 2021 to come! But, in all seriousness, hot water bottles are guaranteed to bring the cozy times, and nothing could be better than hot water bottle all dressed up in a little tweed sweater. It's the cutest, really.

Kit Includes:
• 1 skein of Lucky Tweed in Golden
• a bag of chamomile tea
• KW Pencil
• KW Year of Gifts notebook
• Postcard with code to download the pattern (Chrysanthemum Bottle Cover) for free
• Screen printed project bag

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