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BC Garn

Jaipur Peace Silk

Jaipur Peace Silk

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Jaipur Peace Silk Colors: 016 lemon

A minimum quantity of 2 is required

Experience the unparalleled luxury of BC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk yarn, sustainably sourced from an Eri silk worm farm nestled in the serene Northeast of Thailand. This exceptional silk yarn is the epitome of cruelty-free craftsmanship, showcasing the meticulous art of cocoon harvesting. The silk worm is not harmed by the harvesting of Eri silk, making this silk yarn completely vegan.

Unlike conventional silk, Eri silk has a subtle shimmer, foregoing the excessive sheen of mulberry silk. Its unique texture presents a slightly drier appearance, akin to bourette silk, resulting in a distinctive tactile sensation. While this exquisite yarn lacks elasticity, it may naturally stretch after washing. Be sure to wash and block any swatches to account for silk's natural tendency to "grow" after washing.

The Eri silk's unparalleled dye-absorption capabilities ensure vibrant, enduring colors. These colors are stunning! Be mindful of potential color bleeding with darker shades—pre-rinse in vinegar water to guarantee clarity when blending with lighter hues or wearing against white fabrics. Always test for colorfastness when working two colors together.


100% silk

328 yards (300 meters) / 50 gm skein

24 sts = 4” (10 cm)US 0-3 (2-3 mm)

Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry

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