Picot Bind Off

The picot bind off is a lovely, simple, decorative bind off that adds small picots at the edge of your piece. We frequently use this bind off when working shawls, as in the case of Evangelina, a triangular shawl designed by Meghan Kelly for the Andorra collection. It is pretty simple to execute (only three steps!), but I found a visual really helpful when sussing out the step by step instructions that Megan gave me when we were finalizing the pattern.

The bind off begins with a knitted cast on – you can see our photo tutorial for that here.

Step 1 / With RS facing, *Using the knitted cast-on, CO 2 sts.

Step 2 / BO 4 sts.

Step 3 / Slide the stitch from your RH needle onto the LH needle.

Repeat Steps 1-3 until 1 stitch remains. BO remaining stitch.
That’s it!

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