Collection: Soak

Soak is a company known for offering natural and biodegradable laundry essentials, all proudly manufactured in Toronto, Canada. They provide a range of eco-conscious solutions designed to care for the washable items you love the most. Their fresh and enjoyable scents make the laundry experience fun!

Kelbourne Woolens is a proud Soak distributor, and we invite you to explore Soak's product range and join the Soak family! Experience a new, sustainable approach to laundry and garment care. Soak offers a cleaner, greener, and fresher way to care for treasured items.

Why stock Soak?

It’s a crafter’s best friend. A sweater-lover’s dream. And pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened to lingerie. For retailers who sell lingerie, cashmere, swimwear, knitting supplies and other items people clean with care, it’s a premium value-add customers will really appreciate. Carrying Soak positions your shop as a full-service destination that sells items people love, but also provides the means to take care of them so they’ll stay beautiful longer.